NEW ALBUM RELEASE! In Winter of 2015/2016, POPVIRUS Music Library released Reality TV World Volume 40, containing 20 original compositions by Barry Franklin. Music can be licensed at . MUSIC SELECTED FOR TV & FILM Truck Stop" was selected to appear in the independent film "The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry. Returns and Exchanges" appears in Farrelly Brothers show "Unhitched," as well as in CBS's "Flashpoint. Returns and Exchanges" was selected for use in the '08 film "Sugar. Returns and Exchanges" appears on the The Sopranos. Time and Again" debuts at #23 on! "Waiting," one of the compositions from the CD, is broadcast frequently on Sirius Satellite Radio's Spa 73.   * * * * * * * * CD REVIEWS * * * * * * * *”
I listened to the album over and over and enjoyed it more each time. Barry Franklin's musicality is obvious and his talent clear...I highly recommend this impressive work that oozes with musicality and romanticism.” - A. Canales

— The Critical Review

Excellent album this one by Barry Franklin. The 13 compositions have a great strength and an emotional beauty. The general style of the work can be described as New Instrumental Music. The music is of a soft character, romantic, with a certain Classical flavor. Touches of Celtic Music and Orchestral Film Music are also present, and even come to have a leading role in different parts of the release.” - Pascual Jurado

A composer with Irish influences on some of his orchestrations, Barry Franklin puts the 'new' back into new age. After moving to Charlottesville, VA (home to University of Virginia), he continued to keep his music contacts for commercial music (his music haunts some 70 releases to date) and a schedule filled with production work. But he began to get a bit stir crazy when it came to writing his own compositions. So he decided to create vivid instrumentations of his classical influences and spin them into modern compositions with a feel fitting of the 21st century. He mixes in brilliant nuances and that you can credit that to his tremendous production work from the past.” - J-Sin

With a successful 20-year career as a jingle, TV and commercial music writer in his back pocket, Barry Franklin set out to do something he had never done before: write music for himself. TIME AND AGAIN may be this keyboardist's debut album, but he sounds nothing like a New Age rookie. After a couple of pieces to set the CD's tone, Franklin shifts up the gears in the classically grand and Rachmaninoff-esque piano concerto-styled "Rising." Also of great interest are the musically enticing "Recollection," the shimmering and reflective "Introspection," and the melancholy final piece, "Home at Last." Franklin's mellifluous and melodious use of piano, light guitar, and sweeping orchestrations in a primarily neoclassical style covers a lot of ground. TIME AND AGAIN is sure to reel in many new fans. The majority of strong tracks are geared for the New Age audience, and Franklin's talent for writing catchy and melodic hooks will keep listeners coming back for replays. Hopefully, TIME AND AGAIN is a sign of future things to come from this talented composer and New Age artist.” - Peter Manzi

— Sounds From the Ground Up